Knowd : a tool for organizing and recommending online learning resources.

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College of Liberal Arts

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Bachelor in Arts


Traditional courses and degree programs are well structured with a syllabus or curriculum that gives students an overview of topics they should be learning. The internet is home to a vast number of resources for students learning a variety of topics. Search engines provide a way to find information if the user knows what to search for. However, with independent learning, there is no such structure to guide learners. In an attempt to solve this problem, we created a prototype web application called Knowd. The goal of this system is to guide students along a path of concepts and provide a place to organize learning resources. The main features of the prototype are the ability to save, tag and get recommendations for new learning resources and topics. Through data gathered manually by users as well as automatically from the web, we build a graph model of relationships between topics, resources and users, and traverse this graph to deliver personalized recommendations.