La quête identitaire dans l'oeuvre romanesque d'Henri Lopes depuis 1990.

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The works of Henri Lopes written after 1990 explore the question of identity and the cultural complexities that emerged after the colonization period for Congolese writers. Henri Lopes articulates these problems through his novels by using literary techniques such as intertextuality, binary structures, and stylistic devices to address the agonizing pain of finding one's identity. My thesis predominantly presents a literary analysis of the following works of Lopes, Le Chercheur d'Afriques (1990), Dossier Classé (2002) and Le Lys et le flamboyant (2007). In order to fully understand these works, the thesis also explores his life including his international career. The nature of his diplomatic and political career further develops an understanding of these works and of the question of identity, along with the historical relationships between the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo and France. These works express the journey of discovering and embracing one's cultural and oral heritage through the writer's determination for all peoples to embrace and celebrate every part of their identity. Henri Lopes' writings demonstrate the cultural struggles that people in Africa faced after independence.