Self-care is healthcare.

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Caspersen School of Graduate Studies

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Master of Medical Humanities


America is facing a health crisis. Americans have shorter lives than the majority of non-American, and generally spend more time sick as well. Despite the fact that medicine and science advanced exponentially over the past few decades, chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity are still on the rise. This is a great social and economical issue. In this paper, I prescribe a lifestyle change that challenges the contemporary American lifestyle by promoting Paleolithic diet, regular cross training exercise (with CrossFit being its foundation) as well as promoting social living. I believe that health is a way of life and what you put in is what you get out. Failure to take care of oneself will trigger the development of a hidden health issue that will one day work its way from beneath the surface. This paper is not intended to beat the healthcare system, but rather to improve it by educating individuals to treat themselves as well as others in a meaningful way. Although modern medicine saves thousands of lives on a daily basis, the number of sick individuals continues to grow because we are masking health problems by prescribing drugs that have negative long-term side effects and simultaneously empty people's pockets. In order to prosper as a society, I believe it is imperative that we unify the concepts of self-care--with medical intervention as the last resort.