Finding her room : the life and work of Virginia Woolf.

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Caspersen School of Graduate Studies

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Master of Letters


When one reads Virginia Woolf, one gets the distinct feeling that one is reading a map of her mind. Certainly, Woolf crafted her fiction to comment on the issues important to her--feminism, homosexuality, and mental illness were all socially taboo topics that appeared in her prose. However, perhaps the most intriguing idea Woolf had was that of a woman's "room," the place of her own where a woman can retreat to realize her full potential. In this thesis, I aim to define what exactly a Woolf's "room" is as well as analyze three female characters--Clarissa Dalloway from Mrs. Dalloway and Lily Briscoe and Mrs. Ramsay from To the Lighthouse--in order to explore how Woolf's idea of a woman's room translated into her fiction.