Play in human religious, pyschological, philosophical life for homeostasis.


Kwang Yu Lee

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Drew Theological School

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Master of Arts


This thesis aims to insist the importance of play in human life that can be viewed as a mixture of what we call reality and what we call fantasy. On this basis, I will investigate the characteristics and functions of play from three different perspectives: philosophical, psychological and religious. Put simply, play provides a new non-reality existing between reality and fantasy where we can step back from our daily life and enter an imaginative life (philosophical) for homeostasis. Play develops our adaptive ability to the changing world and functions as the wellspring of creativity (psychological). Play is itself a transcendental experience (religious). To substantiate the practicality of the play-theory, next I will apply it to three cases, shamanism (religion), self-psychology of Heinz Kohut (psychology), and ecstatic naturalism of Robert S. Corrington (philosophy). As a result, it is revealed that there are some correlations between human religious, psychological and philosophical life and play for homeostasis.