Theopoetics in multiple relationships : a sustaining and transforming process.


Kyongmook Ryu

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Drew Theological School

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Master of Arts


In my pastoral concern, I experienced great resonance of relational performances in my congregants' abysmal situation to affirm sustainability and transformation of the divine. Regarding their wounded hearts, I argue that the suggestive power of the divine through theopoetic performances in multiple relations is a way of mutual immanence between the divine and human, a self and a community, and a community and other communities. The self is incarnated in others through mutual immanence in communal performances. Differences are affirmed for creative transformation and the common- wealth of God. God as a poet of the world is sustaining and transforming the wounded hearts of the victim through the communal performances in becoming. It is a re- affirmation of mutual responsiveness and responsibility. The healing of wounded hearts occurs through that process, and the reconciliation leads the creative transformation for the common-wealth of God. In this thesis, I argue how the self is co-constructed in a multi-relational web. As a way of creative transformation, arts performances sustained the Jewish community in the abysmal situation in Theresienstadt. African oral literature shows how the communal performances are co-constructed and transformed in solidarity. Theopoetic in a multi- relational web is sustaining the people in an abysmal situation and transforming the world for the common-wealth of God.