The pain and hope of my people.

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America's sins--racism, oppression, and white supremacy--are the foundations upon which this country is built. Although this country proclaims "liberty and justice for all," liberty and justice exists for the privileged few. For those who are deemed as the "other," they are simply obscure precepts, existing in policy and rhetoric only, not in practice. Beginning with the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and persisting to this day, black people in America must continually struggle against personal, structural and institutional racism that clearly exists to systemically and systematically subjugate, oppress and in many cases eliminate people of African descent. These sins have been the cause of much pain, misery and strife in the black community leading to our collective, conscious, passive han. This han has in turn become so imbued in the psyche of the black community that it in turn has caused us to inflict further pain and suffering upon ourselves. These self-inflicted oppressions then cause further han, which then causes additional self-inflicted oppressions, until we find ourselves caught up in a vicious cycle of pain, which begins with the sins of America. While working to fight against the injustices that exist in this country, it is imperative that blacks work towards healing the han within the black community as well, from both a cultural and spiritual perspective. It is in this way that we will begin to disrupt the cycles of pain and stand in unity, rebuild hope, and live into our destiny as children of God.