Priority projects and natural complexes : philosophy as a mediator between religion and science.

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Drew Theological School

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Master of Arts


The relationship between religion and science has undergone tremendous change in the last few hundred years. The Church, once the home to the most powerful scholars and thinkers, has given way to the institutions of scientific development. This relationship has tension that goes beyond the historic and digs into the systemic modalities of reason that are unique to each domain. The metaphysics of natural complexes, as articulated by Justus Buchler, offers a unique conceptual scheme through which both religion and science are restricted and liberated with respect to each other. The thesis presented here is that the philosophical traits that are prevalent in both religion and science allow for philosophy to operate as a mediator between the two complexes. Philosophy, guided by query and ontological parity, is able to both encourage and critique religion and science without subsuming the other.