Nourishment and strength ministries.

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


The purpose of this project is for the St. Thomas Charge to establish a cooperative outreach ministry in Huger, SC. The term "charge" refers to multiple churches that have the same pastor or pastors. The St. Thomas Charge consist of three rural congregations located in Huger, SC. The advisory team for this project will work to organize a St. Thomas Charge cooperative outreach ministry that will develop and implement a food distribution program in the Huger community and lay the foundation for building and renewing community and congregational relationships. The scope of this project was done in two phases. In phase one our advisory team developed a plan for food distribution in the Huger community. In phase two our advisory team managed the implementation of the plan. The St. Thomas Charge consisting of New Hope, Stewart Chapel and Zion United Methodist churches worked together to establish a food distribution ministry within the local community. We accomplished this objective with the help of an advisory team. The team consist of three members from each church and at least one person from the community, the associate pastor and myself, for a total of twelve members. We interviewed staff from the Low Country Food Bank to determine the trends across the calendar year identifying the months of plenty verses the months of scarcity. This gave us a more focused picture which informed our action plan. Interviews, questionnaires, on site distribution documentation of participation and management were all tools used for our evaluation. The advisory committee was responsible for recruitment and training of volunteers. We set times to celebrate this ministry with the churches of the charge. We set timelines to coordinate distribution dates. We have supplemented food bank purchases with food drives in the local church. We have shared general information on healthy living and improving personal and community life made available through helping agencies.