Strengthening the spiritual formation of the Wilson's Mills Christian Church congregation by exploring the ongoing presence of the Holy Spirit.

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


The Wilson's Mills Christian Church (WMCC) congregation in Wilson's Mills, North Carolina has historically defined its spiritual formation in terms of its own tradition, personalities, and practicality rather than reliance upon and cooperation with the Holy Spirit. The purpose of this project was to use small groups to further develop a congregational context in which the Holy Spirit could be the recognized center of spiritual formation. The desired outcome was that participants would actively seek and more instinctively rely upon the movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives and in their church. They would begin to develop the intentional habit of noticing the Holy Spirit's reality and guidance. The implementation of the project was a five week small group experience during Lent entitled "Seeing Red for Lent." The title makes reference to red as the liturgical color for the arrival of the Holy Spirit. Adult members of the Wilson's Mills Christian Church were recruited to participate which resulted in three weekly small spiritual formation groups. I served as group leader. The project gave me the opportunity to lead the congregation's discussions on the movement of the Holy Spirit in everyday life as well as in church life. In addition, it provided an opportunity for me to better learn how church members recognize their interactions with the Holy Spirit and how we might continue in our spiritual growth in the future.