Too busy to pray : using application technology to connect those in need with those ready to pray.


David Gipson

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens (First Baptist) has a rich history of being a praying church. But in today's fast-paced and global community, how do we stay connected in prayer? How do we get to hear one another's stories concerning the challenges of life? How do we intercede for others and encourage a discouraged people? This project focuses on how to leverage digital and social networking technology to allow those that may be geographically distant or time challenged to feel connected and encouraged in prayer. This research project designed a web-based and mobile device application to engage the local and geographically distant community in joining one of three virtual prayer groups where they could share prayer narratives within the group and commit to praying for the needs of other group members. Each prayer request was anonymously posted on the groups' virtual prayer wall and anonymously forwarded by email to a random prayer group member. The prayer group member committed to praying that day for the request and responding anonymously back through the application with a written prayer or words of encouragement.