Empowering the single women of Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church ages 25 to 50 to identify their spiritual gifts for use in the congregation.

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


In this ministry project, I facilitated through the Holy Spirit, the empowerment the single women of Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church, New Brunswick, New Jersey. The ages of the women were from 25 to 50. Their spiritual gifts were identified for use in the congregation. This involved four phases of the projects which were Phase One taking the Spiritual Gift Assessment to identify their gifts. Phase Two was spiritual development to enhance the identified gifts. Phase Three was to develop a ways and means to use their spiritual gifts in a ministry. Phase Four was to show the spiritual growth through a group exercise of developing a ministry using your spiritual gift or enhancing a ministry the women will already involve. The project timeframe was designed from January through May, 2013. The various empowering methods were Sacred Space/Prayer Candles; Journals and Note taking; Bible Study and Reflection; and the Circle of Prayer. Other mediums used included but not limited to scripture, videos, poems and discussion. The women of Mount Zion at the end of the project were operating within their spiritual gifts and this ministry continued.