A study of the influence of Tong / Narraphor preaching on congregational development : a case study of Hana Church.


Byungjae Moon

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


This project is to explore the influences of preaching on church growth with focus on "Tong/Narraphor Sermon" suggested by Byoungho Zoh and Leonard Sweet. It is a case study on Hana Church where I am currently serving. Tong Bible Methodology that is developed by Zoh has rendering a great deal of impact on the patterns of Bible reading and understanding with its wholesome and balanced view on learning the Bible. Narraphor is a jargon that Sweet coined himself to vivify current cultural currencies, narrative and metaphor in terms of the ways of communication and interestingly enough they were the same cases in the Bible. Church growth has been one of the main interests in my twenty-five years of ministry. When I was invited by Hana church, this church had had six former pastors served average two years each for twelve years. The church went through tough moments and the congregation had been torn down badly. My ministry has to be the ministry of healing by encouraging them to gather themselves up again. In so doing, I found myself, sermon was the most powerful and effective channel that brought the grace of Jesus to the wounded hearts. In this project, the writer intends to find a relationship between preaching and church growth presenting the evidence that Hana Church has embodied along with sermons delivered and mediated in Tong Bible methodology and Narraphor experiences. And this study suggests how Tong/Narraphor sermon could leave a meaningful impact on the hearts of the congregation that would lead them to be witnesses of Jesus. This study found that sermon could make a difference in the life of the congregation. In particular, the transformation, and empowerment, and vision sharing of the community were the driving force of church growth. Through this project, one can assure that Tong/Narraphor sermon would help church to growth in numbers as well as spirit.