A study on the influence of Tong Bible Reading in the mobilization of vocational mission : a case study of Kyeong-Nam Provincial Police Agency Christian Association.


Jinsuck LeeJ

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


Current Korean protestant churches are in severe danger. Accelerated slowdown and depression of growth of churches and reduction of effect on society demonstrate that the Korean Protestant Churches have the hardest time in 130 years. To sort out these problems, I, the researcher, suggest to highlight "Vocational mission theology" again as the alternative of the future Korean church ministry. Based on the theology we can build up a direction for a future Korean church and ecclesiology. I think Zohbyoungho's Tong-Bible can be the very great theological, pastoral, and missional way for "vocational mission theology" as the alternative of the future Korea church ministry. Revival of preaching and maximization of the bible reading through Tong-Bible would be a good method for empowering of vocational mission and recovering of spirituality of declining Korean churches. I think that the biggest merit of Zohbyoungho's Tong-Bible is receptivity and expandability in Jesus Christ, who is the good news. Zohbyoungho's Tong-bible missional theology expands missional dimensions 'Putting the world and the church together' 'Putting the Bible and the culture together' 'Putting the pastor and the layman together.' Tong-Bible makes all of us have the identity of nations of the kingdom of priests and the kingdom of God, and demonstrates our home and even office can be the kingdom of God where he reigns over. Tong-Bible is the most beautiful bridges, which let non-Christian people experience Jesus Christ, participate in salvation of the cross, have an authentic image of the kingdom of God through the church as the body of Christ, and connect between God and the world, churches and offices that are separated until now. Finally, I think Tong-Bible is God's gift and the most powerful missional tool accomplishing "Epic life", Leonard Sweet said.