A study on the influence of biblical faith in church building construction : a case study of Dukjang Church, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.


Munyeoun KimM

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


In the course of pastoral ministry, we encounter a time when church building construction should be carried out. Some churches do it in peace but others don't. It is true that we need financial resources for building churches. But if we try to do it only with or by money, there will be no difference between building churches and any other building constructions. We should build the church by faith. The purpose of this study is to investigate a faithful way of building churches based upon the biblical foundation. This study used the method of "Tong-Bible" pioneered by Byoungho Zoh who coined the term, "Tong." Using the method of Tong, this study shows the history of temples in the Bible. The history of temples is the history of God's presence. The location and shape changed according to where God dwells : the age of patriarchs (altar), the age of desert (tabernacle), the age of kings (temple), the age of captives (prophecy on the new temple), the age of Jesus (Jesus himself is the temple), the age of Apostles (church : heart-temple and the worship community). If we magnify the history of temples according to the presence of God, it will be narrowed down on the faith of David and Paul on building churches. David's faith on church building is loyalty to A Kingdom of Priests. In contrast to it, Paul's faith is loyalty to The Kingdom of God. The church building should be an opportunity for building up the church by Biblical faith. Biblical faith is the faith of fully trusting in God at all circumstances. This is what God expects us to have. Dukjang Church completed church building construction by such faith in spite of difficult situation. In short, Dukjang Church not only built a church but also built up church members in faith one by one and led them to understand the Bible more profoundly. As a result, the church united in one in despite of some difficulties and finished church building construction by grace.