A study on Bible Tongdok in the comprehension of sermon : a case study of Moohak Church, Seoul.

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


Bible is the great words of God which transform the hearts of people. Paul confesses that all Scripture is God-breathed, and is a useful book, which transforms people's life. It is a powerful word spoken to us by God. John said blessed is the one who reads, hears, and take to heart the word of God. When we read the Bible, we become understanding the will of God, and when we take the word to our heart we experience the work of God. In Korea, we find people who strive to read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, intensively in short period of time, within 48 hours or a week, in order to learn about the Bible. One of the leading method of reading the Bible through is "Bibletongdok" which is a useful tool to understand and learn about the words in the Bible. In fact, for a long period of time, Bible reading has been done through westernized methods. The Bible was studied and analyzed in parts. Certainly, it has been a big help in understanding the Bible and discovering the will of God. However, much has also been lost due to misleading or erroneous Bible reading methods. This project is to investigate the impact of Bible-tongdok on the faith formation of congregation in the process of comprehension of pastor's sermon through Bible-tongdok along with its contribution to the understanding of sermons, Moohak Church experienced rectification of the view of faith, and took a step forward from having fragmentary faith to having holistic faith. Also, by witnessing the work of God displayed in the Old Testament, and the New Testament, we understood the desire and the will of God, and discovered our present duties.