The utilization of "Tong Bible Guide" for small group bible reading : a case study of the Methodist Church with Vision, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea.


Donggu Kang

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


In the modern time, the small group which is the most important factors that led in the revival of church in Korea is becoming a phenomenon that rather hinder church revival, spirituality and personal growth. Korean church lost the appearance of the small group who revived the early Christian church and then have the nature of formal fellowship and social gatherings. Each church experience a small group's downturn, they started trying to develop novel form of small group. Several types of small groups tried in each church, and they had their positive effect. Negative parts clearly existed as well. It means that, when each type of small group lost growth power and direction to go further. They are deteriorated methodologically and social type of small group. Furthermore, most worships or bible studies in those groups are obviously "partial, inclined and overemphasized" when they chose bible. Those manners made believers ignorant of bible and block God's mind of the one wrote the bible. Therefore, we cannot expect believer's growth and maturity of their faith anymore, then of course these small groups lost the appearance of early church revival and depress. I, the researcher, propose an alternative plan that will lessen negative effects from various type of small group and activate small group. The accurate is bible reading. In early church, there was no various kind of small group like in the present time. There was lesson from apostle and fellowship and they were devoted. In here, apostle's lesson is bible. When small group teach bible correctly, believers will grow as people who have beautiful fellowship and faithful devotion like early church. I expect those effects and suggest an alternative proposal as historic order bible reading with Dr. + "Tong Bible Guide". When I apply this proposal, small group's characteristic has changed from friendly and social gathering through chatting to faith centered gathering with bible story. Believer's degree of understanding becomes deeper by reading bible following historical stream, and they can understand bible's important events, character and topics. It helps to know "God's mind". Moreover, they have quantity goal of achievement based on their previous bible reading, that this after reading is concentrated on God's mind. As a result, believers become interested in bible reading and previous small group which is very formal become joyful through bible, the God's word. Above all, deep understanding of bible and quality knowledge within small group gives effect of raising the degree of understanding in public worship. Therefore, among various types of small group, using historical order bible reading with story guides [Tong Bible Guides] is the best biblical method which gives effect of believer's correct knowledge of bible [and raising fellowship between believers, biblical faith counsel and degree of understanding pastor's preach] by knowing God.