The impact of "Narraphor Preaching" with the "Tong Bible Formula" on the congregational development : a case study of Haman Jungang Methodist Church.


Seungmo Ko

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


This study got started from the question and reflection of what the right biblical sermon is. The right biblical sermon is preaching the whole bible to convince the audience of God's own heart embedded in the Bible, depending on the historical flow of the Bible. To make a well-balanced delivery of the whole bible with God's own heart, 'Narraphor Preaching' according to 'Tong Bible Formula' is suggested as an alternative. For this study, documentary research is used to combine, organize and analyze the related literature. In this way, the biblical and theological foundation on 'Narraphor Preaching' according to 'Tong Bible Formula' is presented for better understanding of 'Narraphor Preaching'. 'Tong Bible Formula' is a methodology for 'TongBiblization' and a formula for specific applications, designed by Byungho Jo who has led Bible reading for 25 years, so that parents can teach their children by understanding exactly and acquainting themselves with the content of the Bible. 'Narraphor Preaching' according to 'Tong Bible Formula' is to preach '40 Tong Bible Story Line' among 'Tong Bible Formula' which are the main topics of the bible using Narrative and Metaphor. 52 Sunday service sermons were drawn up on the basis of the '40 Tong Bible Story line' and were preached to church members for 52 weeks in 2015. To research the impact of the sermons on the church members, a survey, a forum and a round-table discussion were conducted and the results were statistically compiled and analyzed. Through this, it was understood how 'Narraphor Preaching' according 'Tong Bible Formula' had influenced on each member of the church, the representatives of the laity among the existing group of the church members, and the new believers. As a result, 'Narraphor Preaching' according 'Tong Bible Formula' was helpful to make the church members understand the flow of the Bible on the historical order, figure out essential topics of the Bible, and realize God's own heart embedded in the Bible. Besides, this sermon led the church to growth in quantity, playing a crucial role in the settlement of new believers. And it made the church members arouse enthusiasm in reading through the Bible, a quarter of whom read through the Bible more than once a year. It was confirmed that 'Narraphor Preaching' could be an effective tool to educate children with the Bible and preach the gospel to the local community.