Equipping leadership for servanthood discipleship.

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


The changing practices of ministry will no doubt have an impact on the way the leadership will engage in a transformation to a spirit filled way of doing ministry. This professional project will consist of both leadership training and leadership performance evaluation. The research for this project will explore the training of leadership for servanthood discipleship at Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Biblical chapters John 6 and 13, and the book of Ephesians, chapters 3 and 4, offers the Local Advisory Committee (LAC) and me, as pastor, a well-rounded approach to the spiritual formation for leadership towards servanthood ministry. In Quinn Chapel's 163 year history, the leadership practices, the demographics of the faith community, and the works of service have changed. In an endeavor to move the leadership from a frivolous servant to a spiritual servanthood, the project examined the history of spirituality at Quinn Chapel and its impact on the changing practices. The challenge to spiritualize ministry requires the pastor and the LAC to develop a way to transform the leadership's mindset from that of a task-oriented works of service to that of ministry-oriented servanthood discipleship. The methodology permitted the development of the leadership training that was used as a guideline to enhance spirituality. The results from the evaluation of the project indicated how the training was received by the leadership and reveals their desire to spiritualize their service to the church and to disciple others to do the same. The time frame was planned from February through March 2015. The project has impacted the leadership in their understanding of spiritual formation. They enjoyed the spiritual disciplines, Bible Study, the meditations, and the PowerPoint presentation on spiritual formations direct impact on a ministry. Several developments resulted from this project, including the need to pray about what we do and the desire to equip and serve others with quality servanthood that glorifies God. The leadership's understanding of spiritual formation has led them to develop new ministries.