How to effectively engage in ministry with the millennial generation : developing a contextualized intergenerational church through millennial outreach.

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


This dissertation examines various aspects of people between 18-34 years of age as they pertain to affiliation and involvement within the local church. The initiative and project that was undertaken in order to help populate this study will be dissected into three different parts: the process, the participants, and the efficacy. Millennials are increasingly leaving religion and church membership as was known in the modern era. Having entered postmodernity, a broad view of the social, educational, spiritual, and economic conditions of the millennial generation will be explored as to how these various factors have impacted church involvement and affiliation among the generation. As this generation is viewed as a distinct group of people, the church must seek to learn the realities of their cultural context. This study additionally seeks to establish a theological construct that supports and affirms the identity of those within the millennial generation. Drawing from historical biblical figures and additional parallels within scripture, it will be argued that millennials have the capacity for greater involvement and leadership within the local church while participating in intergenerational ministry. This study draws on a variety of sources, including books, periodical articles, and first-hand interviews. Further, it seeks to share best practices with local churches involved in young adult outreach.