From stories to sisterhood : an intergenerational community of women.


Amy Fetterman

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


Few places where multiple generations gather still exist in American culture. The church is one of those places. Many churches, however, do not seek intentionally to break down the cultural walls between the younger and older generations. Covenant Presbyterian Church was one such faith community. Yet within Covenant existed an exciting opportunity for intergenerational relationships--particularly among women. This project sought to explore how such intergenerational relationships might come to be. The project also sought to root these relationships in Christian solidarity, nurturing connections that encouraged each woman to participate in God's work in the world. The project gathered participants together around biblical stories and encouraged them to share their own stories. The women gathered for three one-day events where they baked bread, participated in service traditionally done by men in their context, and gathered around film and food. They also gathered together for a weekend retreat. During these events they shared biblical stories and began to tell their own stories. By the end of the project participants had made meaningful intergenerational connections and in those relationships, found encouragement and empowerment. A community rooted in solidarity formed and its members sought to continue together after the project had ended. This project offers one model of intergenerational ministry, a model that focuses on shared experiences and shared stories.