Equipping 22nd century leaders : developing fishers of humanity with strong effective knots in their nets.

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


This research project explores the developing of equipped leaders through teaching, preaching and workshops by training individuals to be fishers of humanity resulting with developed leaders for the 22nd century. The 22nd century will incorporate modern technology and social media in some form because, technology and social media has become the culture and predominant language spoken by individuals born in the 1990's. This research will reveal the necessity for some level of technology and social media knowledge incorporated within leadership, within preaching and within teaching to reach individuals in the 22nd century. This research will solidify one's understanding that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has not and will not change however, the method in which we proclaim the message of Christ the means by which we preach this Good News of Jesus Christ must change if we desire to be fishers of humanity in the 22nd century. This research project incorporates a four part preaching series titled "I Do What I Do by the Grace of God" a teaching series titled "Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts" and the creation of "The Generals" a smaller group to develop leaders in an intimate space. The preaching series reveals that leadership is a gift from God and the ability to lead is predicated by God's Grace, the teaching series explores how the spiritual gift assist with leadership and "The Generals" sessions discuss how leadership should assimilate mentorship to create a legacy for generations to come. This research revealed the lack of involvement within the congregation by disciples such as serving on an auxiliary or embracing a role of leadership, this lack of involvement emerged from the fact that many disciples were unaware of possessing a spiritual gift. In addition, this project revealed some of the frustrations leaders encounter being a leader. This project suggest the necessity for everyone in the position of leadership experience training for the role of a leader and this training must prepare the leader to lead beyond this current era. This training must prepare and equip leaders for present and future leadership resulting with leaders prepared and equipped to preserve a legacy. This project also revealed that once the discipleship became aware that everyone has at least one spiritual gift the discipleship's perspective on serving and leadership changed from a present state of not serving and no involvement to a strong desire to serve with passion. The knowledge of God giving them at least one spiritual gift transformed their comprehension of serving and inspired them to lead, this information of spiritual gift excited the discipleship they now display a feeling of importance feeling special to God and the Kingdom because God gave them at least one spiritual gift.