Keeping the fire burning (without getting burnt) : helping worship leaders maintain their passion for ministry through resiliency training.

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


Supposing that all people are inherently resilient as part of God's design, this project explores ways individuals and communities can nurture and strengthen the resiliency of their clergy through the use of modern research (the BASIC Ph model for resiliency training developed by members of the Community Stress Prevention Centre) and traditional rituals (prayer, worship and storytelling) in a workshop setting. Specifically, 'The Worship Renewal Experience', a workshop designed to help clergy maintain their passion for ministry while dealing with the many complex stresses of serving as a minister in the 21st Century. First, the current context of ministry, the soil, is explored by examining how the context can both harm (the narrative of concern) and contribute to (the narrative of hope) the soil of ministry. Second, what is most helpful for sustainable growth and the prevention of burnout (theological and psychological resiliency models) in clergy is studied (the seeds). Third, Narrative Theory is used with the BASIC Ph model to create a holistic approach to resiliency training that focuses on the strengths, gifts and skills of clergy (participants). Lastly, insights into the benefits of resiliency training are shared.