Constantly becoming.

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


Many of us struggle with stories of faith; we question the language, meaning, and our understanding of these stories. This ministry project provided an opportunity for the congregation to enter into conversation together to help draw out both our individual and congregational understanding of being a congregation that defines it's self as "A Progressive, Inclusive, Life Affirming Christian Community of faith within the United Church of Canada. This project takes place at St. Mark's United Church, an affirming congregation in the East end of Toronto, formerly known as Scarborough. The congregation went through an incredible transition as a group of 50 individuals made their way to St. Mark's after leaving a congregation where the term Progressive meant that major pieces of their worshipping life of faith were being taken away from them. No formal amalgamation work was undertaken. This project is designed to have the congregation share in conversation to articulate what the concept of Progressive... Inclusive and Life-affirming means for us as a community of faith to live out our mission, in the context of the following of the subjects: 1. prayer; 2. worship; 3. sacraments; 4. sin, confession and forgiveness; 5. Articulating what it means to be progressive, inclusive and life affirming. Each of these five conversations asked three questions: 1. What is it?; 2. What isn't it?; 3. Why is the point or value in it? / Why do we do it anyway?