Ministry-leadership : toward improved leadership effectiveness.

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Drew Theological School

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Doctor of Ministry


The Leadership at Westside Worship Center, Houston Texas experienced this project to raise awareness for ministry leaders that knowing who you are is an essential and necessary component for being a great leader. The goal was to show that leadership effectiveness is possible, as mirrored in the lives of some well-known biblical characters and expressed by other experts on the subject. The project entailed a weekend retreat during which elements of fellowship bible encounters, narrative discussions and liminal events including a seminal engagement with the personality profile known as D.i.S.C. occurred. Upon observing these events, it became clear that many leaders who had joined our church from a previous Pentecostal denomination realized post-project how things might have unfolded quite differently had that congregation been able to experience the same project components. We learned that creating experiences to transform culture, ministries and other types of institutions might better our world. Observations of change and transformation among the participants provided evidence that this narrative research project highlighted for leaders that self-awareness is key to leadership effectiveness.