Narrative competence, mindfulness, and relationship-centered care in medical education : an innovative approach to teaching medical interviewing.

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Caspersen School of Graduate Studies

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Doctor of Medical Humanities


In the last ten years, narrative competence, mindfulness and relationship-centered care have been on the forefront of the movement to humanize medical education. However, these critical humanizing models of clinical practice have either been ignored or only superficially included in medical school curricula. This dissertation is concerned with the incorporation of these models of practice into the medical school curriculum in so that medical students can graduate with the ability to provide compassionate care to their patients. The current literature on narrative medicine, mindful medical practice and relationship-centered care is reviewed. A discussion of why these aspects of medical practice are critical to humanizing medical practice is included. The needed skills in each area are provided in detail and proven methodologies for teaching these skills are defined. A complete medical interviewing curriculum incorporating these essential aspects of practice is provided. Students who participate in this curriculum will be able to begin the process of gaining competency in mindfulness, narrative medicine and relationship-centered care.