Teaching reading "outside the box" : the graphic novel in the secondary classroom.

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Caspersen School of Graduate Studies

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Doctor of Letters


Teaching Reading "Outside the Box": The Graphic Novel in the Secondary Classroom presents the history and evolution of the graphic novel and explains how the various features of a graphic novel innately strengthen the critical reading, writing and thinking skills of its readers, especially that of struggling and remedial students. This dissertation studies the benefits of incorporating the graphic novel in the secondary classroom to promote engagement, as well as to fulfill the requirements set out by the Common Core State Standards. Recent reading comprehension strategies and exercises are explored and connected to the reading that is required of graphic novels. Case studies on how graphic novels were used in the classroom to strengthen reading comprehension were examined, and multiple interviews were conducted to further research the presence, strategies and challenges of using a graphic novel in the classroom, as well as to evaluate the level of engagement and acceptance by the student reader and teacher.